IT cum Online Executive

Type: Full-Time     Category: Information Technology
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Job Description

Lavin Pharma company website COMPLETE back end and front end support:

Some of the duties (but not limited to) are as below:

- Repair of the company website

- Implementation of search engine optimisation (SEO) and primary keywords to rank at the top of item list (first 3 result on the first page of google search page result) 

- Implementation of plugins (upsell, cross sell, retention, other plugins and tracking)

- Back end and traffic support to the company website:

  Able to track customer's IP address to the site

  Able to track items customers are looking at

  Able to track customers' purchasing decision

- Monitor daily on Lavin Pharma product listing to appear top on item list

- Activation of Vaadi and Bipha brand shopify account

- Activation of Youbeli e-store

E-stores/site maintenance and activities:

- We are in Lazada, Shopee, Youbeli, E-Vanigam, Lavin Pharma company website, Vaadi and Bipha shopify

- Maintenance tasks:

  Boosting of the products in the e-stores/site

  Seller picks implementation

  Seller rating

  Rebates implementation

  Sponsored ads implementation

  Store decoration

- Main activities:

  Order fulfillment/returns/refund

  Product listing




  Customer service


- Upcoming wholesale selling platforms to be implemented:




  DH Gate

Facebook and Instagram:

- Account management

- Product description

- Selling/ Pay Per Click/ Promotion implementation

- Paid Marketing (separate tracking for each to be implemented and has to be simultaneously aligned with Lavin Pharma company website)

Google ads:

- Paid marketing

- Separate tracking

- Has to be simultaneously aligned with Lavin Pharma company website

Email promotion:

- Atleast once a week to be sent to retail customers from company website):

  Weekday/end promotion

  Month day/end promotion

  Festival promotion

Artwork designing

Marketing automation tool implementation

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