Part Time/Freelance Mystery Shopper (Malaysia)

Type: Part-Time     Category: Others
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Job Description

Project Scope: You are required to visit an outlet and perform a task assigned to you. Whereby, you need to evaluate their staff appearance, communication skills, the ambience of the outlet, service, facilities and etc. After the visit, based on your observation at the outlet you are required to key in the provided checklist and send it to us.

Skop Projek: Anda dikehendaki mengunjungi kedai(branch/outlet) sebagai pelanggan biasa dan melaksanakan tugas yang diberikan. Dimana anda perlu menilai beberapa perkara seperti berikut, penampilan kakitangan mereka, kemahiran komunikasi,suasana di gerai, perkhidmatan,kemudahan dan lain-lain. Selepas lawatan, berdasarkan pemerhatian anda di kedai anda perlu isi senarai semak yang diberikan.

Fees: RM40 to RM200/ per job. Working time: 30 minutes to 1 hour/ per job
*We will provide guidelines and training/ briefing to new Mystery Shopper.

You are welcome to join us as Mystery Shopper if you are:
•    Malaysian citizen aged 19 and above
•    Fluent in English or Malay
•    Have access to a computer with basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and etc. 
•    Have access to internet
•    Have driving license 
•    Good observation skills
•    Good communication skills
All individuals are welcome to apply!

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