Simple Image Processing/Categorizing (Ara Damansara)

Type: Freelance     Category: Others
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Job Description

Simple Image Processing/Categorizing - Sort Vehicles Into Categories


  • We provide the opportunity for almost anyone to work from home/part-time/freelance to generate side income.
  • We pay on a per-job completion basis (estimated 6 hours of work @RM5-7 per hour of work).
  • Job is simple. Simply drag and drop wrongly classified vehicles in their correct folder (only a few vehicles will be classified wrongly per folder)


  • Download the images (<300MB)
  • Read our classification guide 
  • Drag vehicle images into their correct category folder (i.e Heavy trucks/ Light Trucks/ Cars/ Motorcycles/ Buses)
  • Upload the files


  • Decent internet,
  • Basic english level.


RM30-36 per completed task, after 3 days of submission.

Jobs are ongoing. We would like to continue to work with you if your performance is satisfactory.

If you are interested, add our telegram @surgeventures

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